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Overseas Newark Newspaper that Captured the 'Wartime Flavor' of Downtown Newark

By Nat Bodian


       During World War II, while serving overseas with the AAF, I used some of my free time by writing a "Newark Newspaper" in which I recycled bits and pieces of information received from family and friends in Newark.1  This paper was mailed to Newark friends in service around the world, and also distributed to Newark-area men on the base where I was stationed.

        Following is the second issue of my paper, called "The Bodian Bugle and News" written at the Natal, Brazil AAF base shortly before my reassignment to Ascension Island.

        As you will note, this sheet captures in full the 'wartime flavor' of Newark in wartime in the early summer of 1943.  A few highlights:

bulletHarry James and band appear at Downtown Newark Stagedoor Canteen
bulletA 102 degree record-breaker at Newark Airport
bulletA note on Tony Galento's "set-up" matches on come-back tour
bulletAn hour-long parade by VFW down Broad Street featuring 500 WAACS
bulletUses of Military Park during wartime

The Bodian Bugle and News


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