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Nat Bodian
Before Radio -- Newark's Unique 1911-1912 Telephone Newspaper
Nat Bodian
How a Former Star-Eagle Reporter Described the 1930s at the Paper
Nat Bodian
A 1940 Night in the Essex County
Courthouse/Hall of Records
Nat Bodian
Recalling Newark News Writer
Howard Garis and His Rabbit
Nat Bodian
The Once Great Newark Evening News:
A Remembrance & Obituary
Nat Bodian
Recalls Teenage Rise as
Star-Ledger Sports Reporter
Nat Bodian
Remembering  The Newark Sunday Call
Nat Bodian
Story Behind an Odd
WW2 Newark Newspaper
Nat Bodian
The First Time a "George Bush"
Came to Newark
Nat Bodian
The Yiddish-English Weekly Paper

Published in Newark's Third Ward
Nat Bodian
Overseas Newark Newspaper that
Captured the 'Wartime Flavor'
of Downtown Newark
Nat Bodian
Life Inside the Newark Evening News as Recalled by William Gordon
Nat Bodian
News-Reporting from the Field by Telegraph in Pre-World War II
Charles McGrath
Vailsburg Leader
Bill Newman
The Star Eagle, The Newark Ledger,
The Call & The Newark Evening News
Bill Newman
Newark News Stands/
Pulp Magazines




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